Sacred Geometry is the geometry underlying Life in all of its forms. We can see it everywhere in Nature. In this context the word Sacred has nothing to do with religion. This site is devoted to the study and dissemination of knowledge about Sacred Geometry. I work to keep it as simple as possible, because there is no commercial interest behind it.

Although I am not an expert in the field, I try to introduce non-conventional points of view in the different areas of Sacred Geometry. This site provides two main contributions: 3D models of the Sacred Solids and of the Flower of Life that you can freely zoom and rotate from your web browser. And the "rediscovery" of the presence of Sacred Geometry in unsuspected areas such as Atomic Physics or Molecular Biology. The 3D models have been developed with the aid of the Javascript Three.js and Lightgl libraries. Most of the drawings have been authored with Dr.Geo free software. Many thanks to their developpers for makings these wonderfool tools available for everybody.

Don't take this knowledge as the ultimate truth. If it doesn't resonate to you, forget it. But if it does, any comments or suggestions for improvement will be very welcome. And if you feel you have something to contribute, please also let me know. You can contact me at info at sacred-geometry dot es.

Jordi Solà-Soler
July 2012